On 15 February 1989, a group of  nine teachers of English in Penang, concerned about the  declining standards of English among their students, met to discuss the possibility of setting up an association to promote the learning and teaching of English in schools, colleges and universities. Soon after a pro tem committee was set up comprising :  

President                :  Ragavan Karunaharam                                         

Hon. Secretary      :  Lucille Dass                                                                     

Treasurer                :  Huang Soon Kir                                                                

Committee members :   Irene Teoh Ming See ,  Rose Tunku Ismail, Anthony Sibert, R. Navamoney,  Mariam Zamani Ismail

 The first duty of the pro tem committee was to draft a constitution and register the association. Some ten meetings later, many of which were held under the flowering trees of Sri Pinang Teachers Training College, the Penang English Language Learning and Teaching Association (PELLTA) came into being on 11 April 1990 when it was registered with the Registrar of Societies. Its inaugural AGM was held on 30 September 1990 at St. Xavier’s Institution, Penang The first committee of PELLTA voted into office was headed by its president, Mrs. Tang Hon Yin nee Chew Lee Yen. From its original membership of nine, PELLTA has grown steadily to  its current membership of approximately two hundred teachers from primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning.   


The PELLTA committee is determined by election every two years during the Annual General Assembly. Since 2006, PELLTA has been an affiliate of TESOL International Association in the United States and a committee member is appointed as the liaison officer with TESOL. The committee for the term 2018-2020 is as follows :

President           : Rovena Elaine Capel

Vice-President   : Teh Bee Kim

Hon. Secretary  : Quah Seok Hoon

Asst. Secretary :  K.A. Sharmella a/p Krishnasamy
Hon. Treasurer   : Kam Lay Khuan
Asst. Treasurer  : Rohaiza Abdul Ghani
Committee Members :  
Loke Khoon Ee
Irene Teoh
Jamal Mohamed Abdul Rahman
Kasvini a/p Muniandy
Shalani Subramaniam
Honorary Auditor : Leong Chee Kin 
PELLTA-TESOL International Association Liaison Officer  : Quah Seok Hoon
PELLTA's first special interest group (SIG) is the Extensive Reading SIG which was officially formed on 28 October 2017 with the first meeting of SIG members and election of a pro-tem committee. During the 2018 Annual general meeting, an election was held and the following members were elected as the Extensive Reading SIG committee for the term 2018-2020.
Chair       :  Jamal Mohamed Abdul Rahman
Secretary :  Ganesan a/l Kuppusamy
Treasurer :  Rohaiza Abdul Ghani
Committee members : 
                   Lucille Dass
                   Emily John Wejidas
                   Leong Mi-chelle
                   Darrsni d/o Theveinteran