PELLTA is a professional non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Penang, Malaysia. Membership is open to all who are interested in the teaching and learning of the English language. Through our workshops and biennial ELT conference, we strive to provide opportunities for the sharing of expertise and experiences among teachers and non-teachers alike.


Extensive Reading Special Interest Group
The Extensive Reading Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to promote extensive reading among our younger generation through workshops, projects and outreach programmes. Do sign up & join other members with a special interest in extensive reading. 

Picnic With Books

PELLTA's Extensive Reading Special Interest Group was launched on 4 March 2018 with "Picnic With Books" for children and adults at the Hin Bus Depot in George Town. In true picnic style, children and adults sat on picnic mats and ate their favourite snacks as they read, listened to others reading, met a children's book author and exchanged books

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Teaching Pattern Grammar

Dr. Crayton Walker, from the University of Birmingham in UK conducted a workshop for PELLTA members on 15 September 2018. In a session entitled "Teaching Pattern Grammar", he shared knowledge and ideas on how words form particular patterns in its use and language teaching and learning would be more effective if teachers are able to this "grammar" of patterns.

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Complimentary TESOL Memberships 2018
Since 2006, PELLTA has been an affiliate of an international professional organisation, TESOL International Association in the United States. With this affiliation, we hope to be able to collaborate with our counterparts in TESOL and bring in more TESOL experts to share their experiences and knowledge with PELLTA members. More info on TESOL International Association is available at http://www.tesol.org.

For payment of our annual affiliate dues to TESOL, PELLTA receives 7 complimentary TESOL memberships and these memberships are awarded to deserving PELLTA members based on their active contribution to PELLTA and workshop attendance for the previous year.

The complimentary TESOL memberships for 2018 are awarded to :
1. Ong Ma Vin
2. Koet Tian Wei
3. Tan Sher Beth
4. Phillip Cozens
5. Jayanthi Shunmugavelu
6. Pushparani Anthony
7. Kasvini Muniandy

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning ” ~ Robert John Meehan ~